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Ugly Doll

Jrumpy (Rose Purple) 7"

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Jrumpy has had enough. You know what? He's not buying into the nonsense anymore! That's it! You can keep your this and that and the other thing. Jrumpy isn't playing that game this time! From this day on, Jrumpy is an all new force of nature with the willpower of a...Hey do you smell something? That smells a lot liked baked goods. You don't smell that? Move a little to your left... Nothing?Wait wait, OK more to the left. More...a little more.

  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.
  • Winner 2006 Toy Of The Year Award by Toy Industry Association
  • Oppenheim Best Toy Award
  • 2006 Parent's Choice Approved Award
  • Approx 7" Tall in size.

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