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Ugly Doll

Babo and Cookies Picture Frame

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If you're going to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you might as well do it UGLY. Now you can relive your favorite UGLYDOLL snack moments with the all new UGLYDOLL ceramic line! Cookie Jars to hide your favorite cookies, Mugs and Cups for your favorite beverage, and Jumbo Mugs so you can have even more! Use the Ox and Babo Plates to carry your favorite snack to the table, TV room, or to your secret fortress. And when it comes time to season up your favorite snack make sure to grab one of the UGLYDOLL Salt & Pepper Shakers, those things come in handy. There is also Coin Banks to keep your "time to buy more cookies" coins in and Picture Frames and Spreaders so many UGLY ceramic things to choose from!

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  • Approx Frame Measures: 4" H x 6" W in size.

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